Elena Satine as Penelope in The Harsh Life of Veronica Lambert
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The Harsh Life of Veronica Lambert (Ricki Noel Lander) is a hip, evocative, and edgy drama depicting decisive moments in the life of a beautiful young woman and her urbanite friends. Individual human stories interweave through moments of tragedy and desire as the characters are thrown together in a plot of yearning and addiction.

The desperation Veronica feels is palpable as she navigates the muddied waters of the large city atmosphere. Characters like Mr. New York, (Ed O’Ross) the world weary old-time producer who befriends Veronica, and Veronica’s complicated married lover (Bart Johnson) help narrow Veronica’s path and lead her to eventual betrayal and loss.

The film’s interconnected plot and dark character sketches are reminiscent of the French New Wave film genre. Each character tries to hold onto their dream of more money, a monogamous marriage, or love in a fast paced plot of self motivation. Veronica’s friend Maya (Ahna O’Reiley) is engaged to a producer who gives her money and cocaine, and in return she must overlook his lust for other women including her sister.

A directorial debut by Nika Agiashvili, the movie revisits what it sometimes takes to make it in the narcissistic shadow land of the movie producers and how people’s lives can veer off course because of someone else’s fateful decision.

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