Regard Magazine – February 2011

Elena is featured in the February issue of Regard Magazine!  You can check out the issue and get your own copy from their website.  We also have Elena’s interview with the magazine below, as well as photos!  We hope you enjoy them.

When you think of sultry, Angelina Jolie may come to mind.  When you think of classic beauty, you may think of Sophia Lauren.  Put these two icons together and you have Elena Satine.  Elena didn’t just land in Hollywood; she truly worked her way through it.  By attending the Professional Performing Arts School in New York and the Moscow Art Theater School in Russia, she was able to hone her skills as a real actress.  Let’s find out what she’s all about.

Some actors wait to be discovered for a role.  Why were you so determined to develop your acting skills through school?

I’ve always had this mentality: if you have to go to Law School to be a lawyer, and Medical School to be a doctor then you should have to go to Drama School to be an actor.  I grew up adoring Meryl Streep, she has a BA from the Yale school of Drama, Al Pacino studied in Stasberg at the Actors studio, not to mention all the talent that’s come out of Juilliard.  I’ve always dreamed about being an actor… not a “celebrity” or “star,” but a great actor, because it was watching those greats that lit the fire within me to do what I do today.

You’ve been considered for roles alongside seasoned actors.  Do you feel like you’re ready to lead a film or TV show?

Absolutely.  School alone isn’t enough to go straight into doing leads.  You have to have confidence as well as experience working on set.  It’s vital to have knowledge of how filmmaking works.  I’ve been here in Los Angeles for almost 3 years and have worked quite a bit here and there.  Now, at 23, I feel comfortable in my own skin and in fact wouldn’t crumble under pressure.  I didn’t know that when I got here… all I knew was Chekhov.

We’ve heard you sing and you have quite the voice.  Will you have a music career as well?

Yes, I’ve been singing my whole life.  I come from a very musical family.  My mother is a former opera singer.  I am a classically trained pianist and have been a songwriter since I was 11.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with some extraordinary musicians, including Bono and Edge of U2.  I am currently recording some new music, developing my own original sound.  I am really excited to release it because I always get inquiries about it.  I’m happy that people are excited to hear more music from me.

You have an old Hollywood sultry look in your Regard Magazine photo shoot.  What’s your take on the designer, Adolfo Sanchez?

I absolutely fell in love with his pieces.  His designs are very classic yet hip.  My favorite was the black gown; it had such a golden age of Hollywood feel but very sexy in a modern way as well.  You could rock it at the Oscars in 1959 or even today.  His clothes will never be dated, and that’s key to being a GREAT fashion designer; timeless, sexy and elegant.  He can dress me ANY day; I’d be so lucky.

We know that you used to model professionally.  What favorite fashion designers are lucky enough to dress your body?

I swear by Chanel.  It’s what I said before; pieces that never go out of style.  When I wear Chanel I feel like a woman, confident, sexy and classy.  Karl Lagerfeld continues to put a great spin on this classic brand.  I collect Chanel bags.  I have some amazing vintage pieces dating back to the 70s.  Christian Louboutin shoes are my weakness as well.  His shoes make you feel like you have the sexiest legs in the world, the man is pure genius.  There are other newer designers I absolutely adore such as Christopher Kane who dreams up magical mini dresses, and Giambaltista Valli who continues to push the envelope with their shoes.

What future projects should we keep our eyes peeled for?

I have new music coming out soon.  I’ve also written two screenplays that I’m really excited to move forward with.  ”Just Go With It,” starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, is out in theaters now.  And I have several other projects in the pipeline that I can’t discuss quite yet.

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