Elena Satine in OSCK Magazine!

You can find an interview with Elena in Issue #3 of OSCK Magazine, an online publication for fans of Smallville!  In the feature Elena discusses her appearance as “Mera” in the Season 10 episode “Patriot.”

You can view or download the issue at the OSCK Magazine blog.

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One Response to Elena Satine in OSCK Magazine!

  1. Lord_of_Yamato says:

    Absolutely loved the interview. You are such a passionate and wonderful person.

    I especially love the fact that you are a huge fan of the comics and know the character of Mera in and out. I am a HUGE fan of the DC and Marvel comics myself for nearly 17 years now and so it made me very happy that you´re a very passionate fan yourself.

    Much love from your biggest fan xoxo

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